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Super Bowl Commercials 2011: Homeaway Apologizes For 'Test Baby' Commercial

It’s not a Super Bowl, apparently, until a company is forced to apologize for a commercial that goes too far. Taken aback by the backlash triggered by it’s “Test Baby” commercial, Howeaway issues a formal apology on Monday. The ad featured a flying, life-like doll that splatters against a window before sliding to the floor. It was more shock-value than substance, and ended up a loser in the commercial wars.

The apology, passes along by SB Nation, is almost laughable just because of the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

We do not believe the ad will result in an increase in violence towards babies, just as last year’s Super Bowl ad featuring Betty White didn’t lead to an increase in elderly women being tackled in parks. However, we feel we made a mistake in judgment, and for that all of us at HomeAway are truly sorry.

So it’s not actually an apology, but it is publicity — and that’s always good. There’s no way Homeaway believed a commercial featuring a flying baby would result in toddler-related violence, but here we are. If nothing else, people are still talking about the company, and commercial, likely making this a net win, no matter how much Homeaway has to apologize.

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