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Carson Palmer Selling His House, Leaving Cincinnati Bengals With No Trade Leverage

Carson Palmer clearly wants out of Cincinnati and he’s doing everything in his power to get his way. Back in January, Palmer demanded a trade, even threatening to retire if the Bengals didn’t bend to his will. He’s taken it a step further, however, putting his house on the market and vowing not to return to Cincinnati.

CBS Sports had the report on Palmer which included some interesting quotes form his real estate agent.

Janson writes, “A local Comey-Shepherd representative confirmed that preparations are being made to put Palmer’s residence on the market, hopefully by March.

‘He’s not coming back’, according to a real estate agent who talked Wednesday morning with the disenchanted Bengals quarterback.”

So far we’ve had a demand for a trade, a threat of retirement and Palmer actually putting his house on the market, all to get his way. It leaves the Bengals in a terrible bargaining position to negotiate a trade, with every team in the league knowing Palmer wants out immediately and will do anything to get his way. Because of that, the price for Palmer is at ridiculously low levels, leaving him ripe for the picking at a cheap price.

The problem, however, isn’t the price of a trade, but the cost of his contract. Then again, if Palmer is so willing to get out of Cincinnati, even playing that retirement card, what are the odds he takes a pay-cut to get a fresh start? If he would, it may be worth taking a second look at him, perhaps as a cheap, stop-gap option.

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