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Super Bowl Commecials 2011: Ralph Wiggum Loves The Seahawks And We Weep

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The NFL rolled out its own Super Bowl commercial on Sunday, connecting various sitcom characters to NFL teams -- well, except one. From the Simpsons to 90210 to South Park, almost all of America's favorite TV shows of past and present make an appearance. Of course, the Seattle Seahawks were represented, but not exactly in the most flattering way.

Take a look at the commercial and see if you can spot the Seahawks fan. Pay close attention around the 49-second mark.

Did you find it? Lost in the shuffle of Simpsons characters is the Seahawks fan. Yes, it's Ralph Wiggum, of course. The NFL decided to represent the Seahawks with the paste-eating, "me fail English, that's unpossible" kid. After making the playoffs with a losing record and upsetting the New Orleans Saints in the first round, it's clear the NFL isn't thrilled with our team, solidified by the choice of characters here.

SB Nation Bay Area put together a full list of characters and their corresponding teams if you'd like to take a look at the connections between each. I don't know that it means anything, but it is kind of funny that the Seahawks get the Ralph Wiggum treatment.

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