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Darth Vader Super Bowl Commercial: Behind The Scenes Video As Hilarious As The Ad

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Volkswagen hit a home run with its Darth Vadar Super Bowl commercial, a video that's gone viral on Youtube to the tune of over 14 million views in the last week. The commercial featured an adorable kid dressed as Darth Vader, trying to use the force around the house on normal, everyday items. A quick keystroke on the Volkswagen Passat's keyring starts the engine and poof, mission accomplished.

The star of the show was Max Page, the kid dressed as Darth Vader. His story, which was released after the Super Bowl, was as outstanding as the commercial itself. And now, Volkswagen released the behind-the-scenes footage and outtakes, which rival the polished commercial on the cute-comedy scale (via Darren Rovell on Twitter).

Volkswagen knocked this out of the park in every way. From leaking the commercial early to picking not only a great actor, but a great story to releasing the behind-the-scenes footage to keep the buzz going, it's been a huge success.

That and it's just well-made and highly-entertaining. I can't stop watching the commercial and, now, the outtakes.