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Doritos Super Bowl Commercial Funny For A Second Before Going Overboard

The first Doritos Super Bowl commercial took a standard chip-based joke and went so far overboard, it killed the ad. Licking the chip residue off ones fingers is something everyone can understand and laugh at, but by the end of the Doritos ad, it was so creepy, it left many shaking their head while feeling squeamish. For that, the ad fails, and does so in spectacular fashion.

If the commercial were to stop right after the "mmmmm, cheese" part, it might have been fine. Instead, though, Doritos went for shock value with pants-sniffing, and whiffed -- literally.

No dice, Doritos. We saw with the Chrysler 200 commercial, one that was universally praised, that it doesn't take shock to put together a solid Super Bowl commercial. Simply put, it's all about execution over excess that makes a great commercial, and Doritos went way to far into excess.

Like the Pepsi Max ad, the Doritos commercial falls into the loser category, destined to be forgot.