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Super Bowl Commercials 2011: Pepsi Max Super Bowl Commercial Misses The Mark

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We've seen the good Super Bowl commercials, with Chrysler, Volkswagen and Audi hitting the mark during Sunday's big game. But, as usual, there were plenty of commercials that swung and missed, offending the masses or just missing the mark in general. Among the subpar was the Pepsi Max Super Bowl commercial, a foray into domestic violence and physical comedy that, well, just wasn't good at all.

Here's the commercial, which begins with a wife beating her spouse and ends with a Pepsi Max can used as a projectile to injure an attractive jogger.

Overall, it's just "meh." There isn't many redeeming qualities to it at all. Between the domestic violence, the racial undertones and the way it ends, there's just nothing good about it all. The commercial drifts from terrible to abysmal with the stereotypes reinforced, as pointed out by SB Nation Atlanta, and was an ad better left on the cutting room floor.

Nice try, Pepsi, but this one is going to take a major cleanup effort to recover from.