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2011 Super Bowl Commercials: Chrysler 200, Kenny G Round Out Car Commecial Winners

While Volkswagen unveiled strong and creative commercials, it wasn't the only car company to wow viewers during Super Bowl XLV. Chrysler 200's impressive Detroit-themed commercial and Audi's excellent "Release The Hounds" ad were both stars of the show, as well. While the two commercials did it in different ways -- one with comedy, the other with cinematic grace -- each accomplished its goal in the Super Bowl, coming out winners in the ad-wars.

Chrysler killed it with their commercial featuring some of the best of Detroit, including rapper Eminem. The narrative, music and cinematic skill displayed in the Chrysler 200 commercial were superb, making it a winner this year.

Rounding out the top-flight commercials was Audi's "Release The Hounds" spot, featuring Seattle's own Kenny G. Nothing beats the smooth sounds of Kenny G, and when combined with a hilarious spot, you've got an easy winner.

Car manufactures brought the thunder during Super Bowl XLV, and it paid off. From Volkswagen to the two listed above, it was an all-around effort, and the car genre was a clear-winner in the Super Bowl commercial battle, beating out Bud Light and other staples of Super Bowls past. A job well-done to each for creative, classy andwell-made commercials during the 2011 Super Bowl.

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