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Super Bowl Commercials 2011: Volkswagen Black Beetle, Darth Vader Ads Winners

It was the year of the car company in 2011 as car manufacturers stole the show in the Super Bowl. Volkswagen led the way, with two excellent spots, one of which stole the show all week long. From its Darth Vader spot that went viral to its wildly successful Black Beetle commercial, Volkswagen crashed a Super Bowl party typically reserved for Bud Light, Pepsi and Doritos commercials.

Volkswagen not only stole the show in the Super Bowl; they stole the show all week. With an early release of its Darth Vader commercial, Volkswagen generated all kinds of buzz as the Youtube video of the Super Bowl commercial went viral. The end result was a simple, yet successful commercial.

But Volkswagen wasn't done. Following up on the Darth Vader commercial's success was its Black Beetle ad, another huge hit during the Super Bowl. The commercial never featured the car itself, instead using a speedy black beetle to announce the newest line of Volkswagen Beetles, debuting later this year. Again, it was creative and well-done, a trend for Volkswagen in the Super Bowl.

We'll see how it translates to sales, but for one day, Volkswagen was the story. With plenty of buzz about its products and well-done commercials, Volkswagen came out a winner in a big way in the 2011 Super Bowl.

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