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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Jake Locker, Seattle Seahawks Meet Again

Another week means another round of mock drafts as analysts try to project the first 32 picks in the 2011 NFL Draft. Jake Locker saw his draft stock fall last week following an inconsistent Senior Bowl performance in which scouts questioned his accuracy and mechanics. This week, however, Locker is back in the first round of at least one mock draft, and his landing spot should make plenty of Washington fans happy.

SB Nation’s latest 2011 NFL mock draft has Locker heading to Seattle with the 25th pick in the draft. The reasoning follows the same line of thinking we’ve seen all along: the Seahawks need a quarterback and would be happy to take any of the top-four, should they fall to pick No. 25.

It’s easy to just slide any quarterback into this spot, but Locker would be a great pick for Seattle. The USC connection is there, no one questions Locker’s intangibles and raw talent, and Matt Hasselbeck’s presence affords Locker the time he needs to develop.

Though Locker would have time to develop in Seattle, that time would still be short. In all likelihood, Matt Hasselbeck will be around another year, but will he be able to play at a high-level for much longer than that? If not, Locker would have to develop quickly in an effort to be ready to take the reins in 2012 and beyond. With all the questions surrounding his mechanics and ability to make the right reads, it’s tough to see Locker as anything more than a long-term project, needing plenty of reps and work to transform into an NFL quarterback.

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