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Super Bowl Commercials 2011: Chrysler 200, Volkswagen Darth Vader Commercials Among The Winners

What does it take to "win" the Super Bowl commercial wars? Is it about being the most creative commercial? Does humor go along way in capturing the attention of the viewing audience? It's tough to pick a winner out of all the Super Bowl ads, many of which elicited laughs and left lasting impressions. Considering how much each 30-second spot cost -- in the millions of dollars -- the Super Bowl gives us a chance to see the best many companies and ad agencies have to offer.

Chrysler 200 was among the no-brainer winners with a Detroit-themed ad. From the beautiful narrative to Eminem playing in the background, the ad was perfectly Detroit and beautifully done. Check out the video below, from SB Nation's Super Bowl commercials StoryStream.

Nailed it. The Chrysler commercial was dead-on and easily among the best the Super Bowl had to offer.

Another car company, Volkswagen, came out a winner, both in the Super Bowl ad-wars and Super Bowl week. Volkswagen left little mystery to their Super Bowl commercial, leaking it early of the week in a brilliant campaign. The video went viral, with tens of millions of views before the Super Bowl even began.

I'm not sure it'll ever get old. Between capturing an American classic -- Star Wars -- and using an adorable Darth Vader wannabe, Volkswagen put together an amazing commercial that generated a significant amount of buzz all week. It was tasteful, classy and executed well.

Which other commercials stood out for the right reasons? Which left lasting impressions and accomplished the goal of every Super Bowl ad?

We'll be back with some of the forgettable ads later in our Super Bowl commercials StoryStream.