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Super Bowl 2011 Score: Mike Wallace Score On Beatiful Pass From Roethisberger, Steelers Add Two Point Conversion To Cut Into Packer Lead 28-25

Here come The Steelers!

Ben Roethlisberger was able to cut into the Green Bay lead by launching a beautiful touch pass into the corner of the endzone to MIke Wallace. The score was from 25 yards out and put the Steelers down by five with the point after still to come.

Now that they had a chance to cut the lead down to five, The Steelers seized the opportunity and went for two. Ben Roethlesberger then ran an option to the near side of the field before pitching the ball to Randle El who took it in to the endzone.

After a 4:20 drive that gained 66 yards The Steelers cut the lead to the closest it has been all game. Pittsburgh has never lead, yet they have always been in this ball game.'

The Packers would greatly benefit by putting together a long drive, scoring, and taking a good four minutes off the clock.