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Super Bowl 2011 Score: 38 Yard Pass From Aaron Roders to Jordy Nelson Sets Up Score To Make It 28-17

The touchdown came off of an eight yard pass to Greg Jennings, but the big play was a 38 yard pass from Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson where he very nearly out ran Troy Polamalu into the endzone. That play came on a major third down conversion that saved, what looked like, an ugly looking drive from sure disaster.

This all started when Clay Matthews forced a huge fumble after hitting Rashard Mendenhall. The Steelers looked like they were poised to take the ball all the way down field and take the lead, until the fumble changed everything.

2:53 later, The Packers were celebrating and The Steelers were starting to get worried.

Of course, with a little under 12 minutes to play, there is more than enough time for Pittsburgh to get back into this thing, but they will need to be nearly perfect. They already have three turnovers, another one might just cost them this football game.