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Super Bowl 2011: Tramon Williams Costs The Packers Valuable Field Position

Late in the Third quarter, Green Bay is sliding. They had a monster lead and now it's down to only four points. A good drive, of course, would remedy this. How do you start a good drive? There is no clear answer to that question. What I can tell you is that this is how to not start a good drive.


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This stupid move forced Aaron Rodgers and The Packers to start this very important drive from their own 13 yard line. The offense, saddled with this major setback, layed a goose egg and punted after going three and out.

Green Bay wants to keep control of this game, and to do that, they need to play smart. A move like this is the exact opposite of that. Luckily, on the ensuing Steeler drive, The Packers were able to force a Mendenhall fumble that lead to a very good Packer drive.