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2011 Super Bowl Commericals: Bieber And Ozzy Steal The Show

Does anyone else think it's ironic that Best Buy is doing their biggest spot of the year complaining about how technology moves too fast. Don't bite the hand that feeds you guys...

Odd couple commercials always seem to work out. The Letterman and Leno commercial last year was great, and I can't stand Leno. What better odd couple is there in music than Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne

This coupling come off of the famous Ozzy Osbourne interview where he claimed he had no idea who the teen age heartthrob was.

I'm posting this ad for multiple reasons. The first of which is that I thought it was a very good commercial. The second reason is because I know that if I put Justin Bieber in any post, it's like a page hit goldmine. Those Googlers love Justin Bieber. The third reason is because I am a huge Ozzy fan (And I might be a closet Bieber Believer... Just don't tell anyone).