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Super Bowl 2011 Score: Steelers Turn Back To Run Game, Cut Green Bay Lead Down To 21-17

I have been saying all along that Pittsburgh needs to get their pass game going to get back into this game.

Looks like I was wrong.

Pittsburgh just took the ball 50 yards in five plays, all five were run plays. Rashard Mendenhall had 25 yards on the drive, pushing his total up to 55 yard on the night and cutting the Packers lead down to four.

Aaron Rodgers and The Packers had all the momentum in the world before giving up a late first half field goal and giving Pittsburgh a little momentum heading into half.

Now Rodgers is trying to answer after going three and out in the first drive of the second half, but the crowd is turning against them. Steeler fans are starting to get rowdy and starting to get loud, making it very difficult for Rodgers and his offensive to operate.

The Packers need to keep this lead. To do this, they need a big play to take this, so call "neutral" crowd out of the game.