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2011 Super Bowl Commercials: Audi Commercial Features Kenny G, Seattle Native

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Unofficially, Kenny G is the first Seattle celebrity to make an appearance in a Super Bowl commercial. Officially, however, he was the first Seattleite to appear in a commercial during Super Bowl XLV, making a cameo in an Audi commercial that aired early in the first quarter. The smooth sounds of Kenny G serenade a upscale prison during a jailbreak attempt as the perfect plan unfolds. Nothing stops the elderly faster than Kenny G.

Of course, he doesn't actually appear in the video until the very end, but his unmistakable music makes the commercial so very Seattle (via SB Nation)

Was the commercial good, great, the best-ever or just so-so? Does it stack up to the Budweiser commercials that have ruled the show? Or the Doritos commercial that left America shuddering after watching a grown man lick the chip residue off another crown man's hands?

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