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Super Bowl 2011 Score: Aaron Rodgers To Greg Jennings Gives The Packers A 21-3 Lead

Aaron Rodgers is on the top of his game, and the Steelers are have a difficult time trying to stop him.

Aaron Rodgers led his team on a four play, 53 yard drive that concluded on a 21 yard pass to Greg Jennings, but it was all set up by a Jarrett Bush interception that gave Green Bay the ball on their own 47 yard line. They would never look back as they drive down and score on a drive that took 2:04 off the clock.

Ben Roethlisberger is looking a bit nervous back in the pocket, that was his second interception of the game, both resulted in touchdowns. Now The Steelers have the ball, with the clock working against them, and they are staring at a 18 point deficit heading into half time.

Roethlisberger is 9-16 with a little over 100 yards passing. The Packers are trying to get their passing game back up to speed. They'll need to to stay in this game.