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Super Bowl Score: Packers Lead 14-3 After Sean Suisham Puts The Steelers On The Board

After throwing an interception on the last drive, Ben Roethlisberger rebounds and leads his Steelers on a 13 play drive that spanned 49 yards and drained 6:27 off of the clock. While they would have loved another 16 yards in order to put the call in the endzone, The Steelers will settle for three points and ending the shutout

The big play in this drive was the Roethlisberger scramble for 18 yards to end the first quarter. He had just recovered from, what looked like it may have been, a serious knee injury. Not only Roethlisberger show the world that he wasn't hurt, but he converted on a big time third down that kept the drive alive.

The Steelers need a couple more drives like this to stay in the game, but they need to finish them soon. Getting the pass game up to speed will help the Steelers a lot, as they only have 37 yards passing six completions up to this point. Compare that to the 51 yards on nine rushes and The Steelers are looking very one-sided.