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14-0 Green Bay: Aaron Rodgers To Jordy Nelson Give The Packers The First Lead, Nick Collins Adds To It With A Pick Six

It was a masterful performance from Aaron Rodgers as he settled down and led his Packers on a 9 play, 80 yard drive culminating in a 29 yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Jordy Nelson.

Rodgers started a little shaky but seems to have settled into a grove. He completed five straight to end the drive and threw a perfect pass to Nelson who caught it falling into the endzone.

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh is looking a little flustered. On the very first play following the touchdown drive, Roethlisberger threw a horrible pass after being pressured and it landed right in the hands of Green Bay’s pro bowler Nick Collins.

It appears as if Big Ben is hurting without his all-star center. If they can’t get the ball back and re-establish momentum, this could be a very long game.

If The Packers can get Rodgers to settle into his rhythem and take control of this game, few defenses can stop this explosive receiver core in green and yellow.