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The 2011 NFL Hall Of Fame Class To Handle Coin Flip Duties

In a move that makes a whole lot of sense, the duty of the all important coin flip will be handled by the newest members of the NFL Hall of Fame.

As the "Visiting team" this year, The Pittsburgh Steelers will be calling heads or tails as some of the NFL's best flip the coin.

Among the people represented are  Shannon Sharpe, Chris Hanburger, Marshall Faulk, Deion Sanders, Richard Dent and Steve Sabol. Sabol represents famous NFL Films creator, and 2011 inductee, Ed Sabol.

Also, in a very surprising stat: The NFC has won the past 13 coin flips, but that doesn't mean very much. The NFC has just won 3 of those thirteen games.

In case you're curious: Yes, you can bet on the outcome of the coin toss and surprisingly, the bet is at even odds for heads vs. tails. I can't image why the odds would be 50/50 for each result, it's almost like it's a coin flip.