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Super Bowl Commercials: Washington State Cougars Gameday Flag Featured In Local Spot

I'm going to assume this isn't a national Super Bowl commercial, but it's still pretty awesome. Undefeated Fans put together a Super Bowl commerical based on the Washington State Cougars never-ending quest to get ESPN's College Gameday to come to Pullman. Fans trek the Cougar flag across the country each and every week during football season, waving the flag on the set of College Gameday. This past season, the tradition reached 100 consecutive shows, a truly impressive milestone.

Check out the commercial, posted on Undefeated Fans' Youtube channel (H/T Rory Pitts).

Not a bad behind the scenes look at what goes on when the Cougar flag takes a trip to Gameday. The tradition has morphed into an event Washington State fans take pride in, waking early every Saturday to see Ol' Crimson flown in the background of Gameday. It's a one-of-a-kind event.

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