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Super Bowl 2011: Halftime Show To Feature Fergie And The Black Eyed Peas

Breaking a long stretch of geriatric halftime acts, the hip-hop sensation The Black Eyed Peas take the stage after 30 minutes of football. The schedule is still a secret, but some of the surprises have leaked out.

According to a report from The Associated Press, both pop superstar Usher and former Guns and Roses guitar legend Slash are slated to make appearances. It isn't known yet what they are going to do, but this certainly represents a shift in the tame and relaxed acts that past performances from the likes of Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones have brought.

Another shift in perspective is brought by the fact that this is the first half time show to feature a woman since the infamous "Wardrobe Malfunction" show with Janet Jackson and Justin TImberlake in Super Bowl XVIV. Fergie takes this honor very seriously.

"It is a challenge because you want to give a little sex appeal but you don't want to get into any trouble," Fergie said Thursday at a Super Bowl press conference in host city Dallas. "So we're very particular on the wardrobe. There will be no more malfunctions."