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2011 Super Bowl Commercials: Flying Babies, Driving Monkeys Among Early Ad Leaks

Super Bowl commercials are beginning to leak out early, with companies working to get a head-start on the ad-wars that always take place this time of year. Volkswagen already stole the show with its Darth Vader commercial, but plenty of other companies are still vying for the public's attention on Super Bowl Sunday.

First up, the flying test baby from HomeAway. What happens when a real-looking doll goes airborne, smashing into a glass wall before sliding to the floor? Hilarity, of course! (via Jon Bois)

Next up: driving monkeys. went with monkeys again, this time putting them behind the wheel. What's cuter than monkeys dressed like people, crashing cars and going to work with their little monkey briefcases in their little monkey suits? The answer, of course, is nothing (via Jon Bois, as well).

If the early returns are any indication, we're in for a great round of commercials throughout the Super Bowl.

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