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2011 NFL Hall Of Fame: Cortez Kennedy Won't Get In This Year, But He Should

Just based on the amount of worthy candidates for induction into the NFL Hall of Fame this year, it’s unlikely former Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle Cortez Kennedy gets in when the class of 2011 is announced at 4 p.m. on Saturday. Kennedy back as a finalist for the third time, missing out in each of the last two years. Playing on a team that toiled in futility, unknown outside of the Northwest, Kennedy doesn’t have the buzz of other finalists in 2011, with Deion Sanders, Jerome Bettis, Marshall Faulk and others rightly stealing the show.

That doesn’t make Kennedy unworthy, however. On dismal teams, Kennedy dominated. The defense as a whole on those Seahawks teams was far from spectacular, but Kennedy himself was a standout — a dominant force in the middle of the defense and a bright spot on otherwise dark teams.

As Pro Football Reference points out, what Kennedy did in his time with the Seahawks is nothing short of remarkable.

Kennedy led all defensive tackles in sacks, en route to winning the Defensive Player of the Year Award for the bottom-dwelling, 2-14 Seahawks. Seattle’s offense in 1992, by any possible measure, was one of the worst in the history of the NFL. Seattle ranked last in yards, last in points, last in first downs, last in passing touchdowns, last in net yards per attempt, and second to last in rushing touchdowns. The Seahawks, trailing for most of every game, saw the fewest pass attempts in the league that season.

Between his eight Pro Bowls and that 1992 Defensive Player of the Year Award, Kennedy has the accolades, and the stats to back up his candidacy. His time is running out, however, as first-time finalists continue to pass him by as he waits to be rightfully inducted.

Read the whole piece from Pro Football Reference, in which they make a compelling argument for Kennedy’s candidacy. He should be in, but will have to wait another year. One can only hope the voters get their heads on straight and reward Kennedy for a Hall of Fame worthy career.

Stay with our 2011 NFL Hall of Fame StoryStream as the inductees are announced at 4 p.m.