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Super Bowl 2011: Dallas Weather Still Nasty, Travel A Nightmare

If you’re thinking of taking a last-minute trip to Dallas for Super Bowl 45, you may want to think again. Flights into Dallas-Fort Worth are still being canceled by the dozens, leaving fans stranded and scrambling to find new ways to get into Texas. Once they’re in Dallas, though, it doesn’t get any easier, with snow and ice paralyzing travel in the city. With an extra dusting of snow rolling through on Thursday night, travel didn’t get an easier with just two days to go until the big game.

The NFL has a long history of choosing warm locales to host the February Super Bowl in an effort to make travel as comfortable as possible while turning the week leading up to the event into a vacation atmosphere for all. Dallas seemed to be a safe choice at the time, but this week’s unexpected ice storm threw a wrench into the best laid plans. In the week leading up to Sunday’s Super Bowl, the Dallas area has done a fantastic job scrambling to make everything work, allowing teams to practice at high-tech indoor facilities.

The show will go on despite the nasty weather, with the game itself taking place inside the climate-controlled confines of Jerry Jones’ billion dollar Cowboys Stadium. The tickets are already sold — and still moving on ticket broker websites for a premium — and everyone will still make money, no matter how much of a headache travelers have to go through. Even Mother Nature can’t stop the biggest event of the year, but it sure can slow it down.

Now, remind me again why Seattle can’t host a Super Bowl?

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