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2011 Super Bowl Odds: Prop Bets Range From Standard To Off-The-Wall

The best part about gambling on the Super Bowl is not the point spread or any of the normal odds you’d see related to an NFL game. Instead, a whole host of prop bets are posted for the Super Bowl, ranging from tame to just downright weird. For Super Bowl 45, bettors can wager on a wide-array of props, from player scores the first touchdown to who will win the Super Bowl MVP to how long Christina Aguilera will take to sing the national anthem.

Here’s a random smattering of props posted ahead of the big game.

How many times will FOX show Jerry Jones: The over/under is set at 3.5, with the over favored at -145.

How many times will Brett Favre be mentioned during the game: The over/under on this one is 2.5, with the under favored at -140. We all know Favre will be mentioned at least that many times in the first quarter alone. This is easy money.

Will a player attempt a Lambeau Leap during the Super Bowl: No is favored here at -260. The line on yes is +180.

You can also bet on cross sport props. Among them, whether Aaron Rodgers will have yards, attempts, completions or touchdowns than Brett Favre did in Super Bowl XXXI.

There’s even bets on who the Super Bowl MVP and Super Bowl winning coach will thank first in their post-game speech. For the MVP, God is favored at 1-1, followed by teammates (2-1), nobody (3-1), family (4-1) with the coach a long-shot at 9-1. For the coach, team is favored at 2-3, followed by God (6-5), nobody (4-1), family (8-1) with the rest of the coaching staff listed as a long-shot at 10-1.

Finally, you can bet on which team Barack Obama will pick to win and whether or not he’ll be correct. For the pick itself, the Steelers are favored to be chosen by Obama at -140. The line on whether he’ll be correct favors no, at -125.

For a full list of prop bets, check out this handy pdf spreadsheet. We’ll be back with more interesting ones we dig up in the days leading up to the Super Bowl.

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