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VIDEO: Jake Locker Runs The 40 At The NFL Combine

Miss Jake Locker running the 40 in 4.59 seconds at the NFL Combine on Sunday morning? Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, and Youtube, you can relive it all. Locker and the rest of the quarterbacks put on a show in the speed and agility drills on Sunday morning, pushing out plenty of fast times under 4.6 seconds. Locker and Cam Newton ended up tied in the 40, behind Tyrod Taylor, who turned in the fastest time of the day.

Here's Locker's 40, complete with slow-motion action shots.

It's still amazing to me that some of these guys are pushing 20-plus miles per hour in the 40 as they fire out of the blocks. Though they weren't the fastest in the combine -- that honor goes to the wide receivers on Sunday and defensive backs on Tuesday -- Newton, Locker, Taylor and others were flying in the morning session.

When it was all over, Locker had one of the fastest 40 times, one of the longest broad jumps and the fastest three-cone drill time. It's not unexpected, as Locker has always been known for his athleticism, but it did impress those watching both at Lucas Oil Stadium and from afar.

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