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NFL Combine Results: Quarterbacks Run Blazing 40 Times During Workouts

The quarterbacks hit the field on Sunday morning at the NFL Combine and didn’t disappoint, turning in some blazing 40-yard dash times. Four quarterbacks, including Cam Newton and Jake Locker, broke the 4.6 barrier with one, Tyrod Taylor, just missing a sub 4.5-second 40. It was an impressive morning as the quarterbacks showed off their speed and athleticism.

Locker drew praise for his workout at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday morning, with analysts happy with his 40 time and A.J. Green taking the time to praise his throwing performance. Though Cam Newton has struggled with accuracy issues during the throwing portion, his athleticism is unquestionable, and he displayed it during the 40-yard dash and jumping drills. Even Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick got in on the action, turning in one of the top 40 times.

Here’s the full results from Sunday morning’s 40-yard dash.

Tyrod Taylor 4.51 seconds
Colin Kaepernick 4.53 seconds
Jake Locker 4.59 seconds
Cam Newton 4.59 seconds
Blaine Gabbert 4.62 seconds
Joshua Portis 4.62 seconds
Christian Ponder 4.65 seconds

Those seven were easily the fastest, with a gap between their times and the rest of the pack. Gabbert and Ponder each running sub-4.7 40s is also impressive, as each isn’t known for their speed. The quarterback class this year is as athletic as any, though each has questions about their throwing ability.

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