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A.J. Green Praises Jake Locker After NFL Combine Workouts

Jake Locker came out and ran a blazing fast 40-yard dash on Sunday at the NFL Combine, but he also put together a complete performance in front of the scouts in attendance. Locker, like most of the top quarterback prospects at the combine, went through throwing drills at Lucas Oil Stadium, throwing the route tree to a variety of different receivers. One of those wide receivers, A.J. Green of Georgia, may just be the top prospect in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Green had high praise for Locker after the workouts in an interview with NFL Network. Locker said he felt he did well in the workout, but Green had higher praise. Asked to single out a quarterback in his group, which included Locker and Ryan Mallett, Green was quick to point out Locker helped himself and threw the ball well. In fact, he said Locker has shown marked improvement and put on a show in front of the scouts on Sunday.

While it’s just the opinion of Green, there is some weight behind what the Georgia wide receiver says. Green got a look at most of the quarterbacks involved with the combine, and still chose Locker as his top-performer. All in all, it wasn’t a bad day of work for the former Washington quarterback, and he likely helped his draft stock.

For more on the workouts, check out our 2011 NFL Combine StoryStream. We’ll be back with full results from Sunday’s workouts shortly as more information becomes available.