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John Moffitt Caught Picking Nose, Eating Booger At NFL Combine

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When a player is at the NFL Combine, they should expect cameras to constantly be on them. During Saturday morning's workout, though, one player seemed to forget the NFL Network cameras were watching as players were instructed how to run the 40-yard dash. Either the player in question -- John Moffitt of Wisconsin if the NFL Combine roster is correct -- forgot breakfast or just needed a mid-morning snack when he dipped his pinkie into his nose during the demonstration.

What happens next is just a bit disturbing.

Keep an eye on No. 34, just to the right of the screen. Notice the focus and dedication displayed by Moffitt as he gets the job done there.

As this is the Combine, and scouts are judging everything, one could compliment his determination. That pick took some hustle and it's clear Moffitt has the mental toughness to make it at the next level. Not only that, but he can clearly replenish his energy mid-game. I see a draft stock rising here.

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