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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Ryan Mallett Another Quarterback Option For Seattle Seahawks

We’re back to Ryan Mallett again as analysts update their 2011 NFL mock drafts ahead of the NFL Combine. We’ve seen Cam Newton, Jake Locker and Mallett all projected as the Seattle Seahawks pick at one time or another, but the consensus now is that only Locker or Mallett will be around by the time the 25th pick in the draft rolls around. If the Seahawks are shooting for a quarterback, they’ll have to decided whether one of those two have what it takes to become a starter in the league.

CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco released a mock draft a while back, noting the Seahawks desperately need a quarterback of the future. Unlike others, though, Prisco had Blaine Gabbert, Newton and Locker all off the board before the 12th pick, with only Ryan Mallett as the first round neared a close. Still, Prisco felt the Seahawks needed a quarterback, and Mallett was the guy.

Did you see the way 35-year-old veteran Matt Hasselbeck played for most of last season? And Charlie Whitehurst doesn’t look to be the answer to that problem.

Sure, we all know Hasselbeck is declining and Whitehurst hasn’t shown much, but Mallett comes with serious questions. Analysts are left wondering if he has the work ethic to succeed at the NFL-level, and questions about his off-field behavior have persisted.

Mallett is at the combine this weekend and will be grilled during the interview sessions. He does posses a cannon for an arm, but his decision making, and accuracy at times, are both questionable. If he can put it all together, though, the strength of his arm could be a boon for the Seahawks.

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