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LenDale White Sends Pete Carroll A Four-Letter Message Outside A Nightclub

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Lendale White sure knows how to hold a grudge. After joining the Seattle Seahawks in a draft day trade during the 2010 NFL Draft, White never made it out of the starting blocks after head coach Pete Carroll let him go before the season even began. White, who was formerly with the Tennessee Titans, was known for being out of shape and, quite frankly, lazy during his NFL career, forcing many teams to shy away from him. For whatever the reason, Carroll let him go, and White is still angry at his former college coach.

TMZ caught up with White outside a nightclub on Sunday night and he dropped a string of expletives on, well, pretty much everyone. He ended his mini-rant firing an f-bomb at Carroll.

"If it ain't Chauncey Billups or Kobe Bryant ... f*ck 'em. Or if it ain't the Denver Broncos or Chris Johnson ... f*ck 'em. Or D-Byrd ... or the Trojans ... minus Pete Carroll -- f*ck you."

He ended by saying he still has Trojan love, minus Pete Carroll.

So White, who has had well-documented problems with drinking, is outside a nightclub at a late hour and emotionally ranting about those that wronged him? Anyone else see the problem here? Is it any wonder the Seahawks and Carroll dropped him.

If White wanted a second chance, he could've actually showed he turned his life around and was ready to make an impact. There seems to be little doubt his release had less to do with his on-field performance and more to do with his off-field antics. This happy little rant is just the latest problem in White's rocky career.