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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Todd McShay Likes Jake Locker In Seattle

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Over the last week, there’s been a near-consensus about who the Seattle Seahawks should take with the 25th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. While looking at the various 2011 NFL mock drafts out in the wild, Florida offensive lineman Mike Pouncey is a name that’s been showing up with frequency at the No. 25 pick as the draft starts to become a little more clear. ESPN’s Mel Kiper went that route earlier this week, but his counterpart, Todd McShay, is still stuck on Jake Locker, even keeping the former Washington quarterback in his first round.

ESPN’s NFC West blogger Mike Sando took a look at Kiper and McShay’s mock drafts, comparing the two and adding some of his own input. Kiper likes Pouncey to Seattle while McShay thinks the Seahawks go with the hometown kid, Jake Locker, when April’s draft rolls around. Sando’s enlisted help, Scouts Inc.‘s Steve Muench, isn’t high on the quarterback class, and thinks the Seahawks should pass on a quarterback if one of the top-flight guys isn’t available.

The story is going to be Locker, if he is there. Pete Carroll should have a feel for him from going against Locker in the Pac-10. If one of the top three quarterbacks is not available, I think it would be a mistake to take a quarterback at 25.

Sando, on the other hand, singled out the defensive line, wondering if the Seahawks should draft a versatile defensive end to compliment Chris Clemons. The problem, however, is availability, with it yet unknown whether a player that fits the mold will be around at No. 25.

Overall, though, the projections for the Seahawks have fallen into just a few schools of thought. Seattle needs a quarterback, help on the offensive line and help on the defensive line. While the quarterback position is thin, the depth on both lines in the 2011 draft makes it easier to see the Seahawks taking a hard look at a lineman in the first round. It may be the safe pick, but it could also be a building block for the future.

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