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2011 Super Bowl Commercials: Eminem, Chrysler May Have Budding Relationship

The Chrysler 200 Super Bowl commercial was an unmitigated success on Sunday in its one and only showing. Now, though, Chrysler is looking to capitalize on the success, bringing in Eminem, star of the commercial, for a meeting to discuss future options. Eminem made a brief appearance in the commercial, though his music was a big part, yet stole the show, with much of the buzz centered on the rapper on Sunday and Monday.

The Detroit Free Press reported the meeting, set to take place on Thursday.

The Detroit Bureau, an automotive industry news Web site, is reporting that Chrysler’s top brand executive and Eminem will meet today and might discuss the possibility of additional commercials in the future.

Eminem was the surprise celebrity star of Chrysler’s well-received two-minute Super Bowl commercial for the Chrysler brand and its Chrysler 200 sedan.

The Super Bowl commercial was a one-shot deal, with the ad only airing during the game and never again. Chrysler, however, had already planned to use Eminem’s music in future commercials, but all that could change. Instead, the Detroit rapper could be making cameos after his successful venture into the commercial foray with Chrysler during the Super Bowl.

It works for both Chrysler and Eminem, who each stand to benefit from a business relationship. Eminem was a big part of Chrysler’s success during the Super Bowl, and is also in line to receive a nice paycheck should he parlay that success into a longer-term deal.

As you can see, a successful Super Bowl commercial can have an effect long after the game ends and buzz dies down for both stars of the commercials and the companies themselves. Those ad dollars can pay off quickly when a commercial hits the big-time, which plenty did this past weekend.