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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Cam Newton Has Strong Workout, Lands In Todd McShay's Top-10

Auburn quarterback Cam Newton has moved around in plenty of 2011 NFL mock drafts, sliding either into the top 10 or near the end of the first round. At one point, Newton slid all the way to No. 25, projected to be taken by the Seattle Seahawks. But Newton took to the field in California today for a workout in front of a variety of media members, drawing rave reviews for his performance. It was enough that those in attendance, including ESPN analysts, were astounded by his performance — in a good way — with some calling him an easy top-five pick.

Along with those reviews came Todd McShay’s latest mock draft — the third version this year. In it, McShay projected Newton would land in the top 10, going to the Washington Redskins with the 10th pick in the draft. It’s not unexpected, and about where the average mock draft has had him up so far, but that could all change in a hurry.

Keep in mind Newton only worked out in front of the media — a very calculated move. Scouts have yet to get a look at him in workouts, though that will come later. Instead, Newton is working to build a buzz, and it worked like a charm today as those in California had nothing but good things to say as early reviews roll in.

Could Newton find himself in the top 5? Will his stock continue to rise ahead of the 2011 NFL Draft? Right now, it sure looks that way.

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