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2011 NFL Free Agents: Offensive Line, Wide Receivers And Tight Ends On The Market

The Super Bowl isn't over yet, but it's never too early to look forward to next season. Despite the recent success of the Seattle Seahawks, it's very clear that they have a ton of holes that need to be filled. Over the next couple weeks, we'll take a look at specific positions over a series of posts. Today is offensive line, wide receivers, and tight ends.

Offensive Line:

Without an offensive line, an offense is nothing. The Seahawks had a mixed offensive line. They had two veterans of six or more years, and three youngsters of three years or less, including rookie left tackle Russell Okung. They struggled with injuries at times and just plain struggled at other times. The big conflict this offseason is that both Chris Spencer and Sean Locklear are scheduled to enter the free agent market. Chances are, at the very least, one or both will resign with the team, but none the less, what’s on the market could make an impact on whether to sign Spencer and Locklear. Coach Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider may look to free agency for the fix, here’s a look at some of the people who they may find, barring a new deal with their old team.

  • Tyson Clabo (Atlanta Falcons) – Tackle, Sixth NFL Season, 16 starts in 2010
  • Jammal Brown (Washington Redskins) – Tackle, Sixth NFL Season, 14 starts in 2010
  • Jared Gaither (Baltimore Ravens) – Tackle, Fourth NFL Season, 0 starts in 2010, 11 starts in 2009
  • Willie Colon (Pittsburgh Steelers) – Tackle, Fifth NFL Season, 0 starts in 2010, 16 starts in 2009
  • Logan Mankins (New England Patriots) – Guard, Sixth NFL Season, 9 starts in 2010, 16 starts in 2005-2009
  • Ryan Kalil (Carolina Panthers) – Center, Fourth NFL Season, 16 starts in 2010
  • Davin Joseph (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) – Guard, Fifth NFL Season, 11 starts in 2010, 16 starts in 2009

The name that probably jumps off the page is Logan Mankins. Makins has started for the Patriots ever since his rookie season and has been named started in numerous Pro Bowls. You may also remember him for his 2010 hold out that lasted until November. Despite this, he started the last nine games and was still invited to the Pro Bowl

Another interesting choice is Jared Gaither. He was the franchise tackle for the Baltimore Ravens until he was blind sided by Michael Oher (I’ll wait for the laugh on that pun). He has been troubled with injury and has has clashed with coach Harbaugh over his position. It appears that, despite saying that he wants to stay in Baltimore, he is headed for the free agent market and who ever ends up with him will be happy with what they get.

Wide Receiver and Tight End:

All season long, The Seahawks had trouble with injuries in their wide receiver corps. Add that to the once leading receiver in John Carlson being almost completely shut down, relegated down to one touchdown this year. The only Seahawk receiver scheduled to reach free agency is Ben Obomanu (Note: Mike Williams, who would have been scheduled to enter the market, signed an extension earlier this season). There are some interesting names on the market here. Take a look:

  • Vincent Jackson (San Diego Chargers) – WR – (2010) 5 games, 248 yards on 14 receptions (17.7 Avg), 3 TD – (2009) – 15 games, 1167 yards on 68 receptions (17.2 Avg), 9 TD
  • Santonio Holmes (New York Jets) – WR – (2010) 12 games, 746 yards on 52 receptions (14.3 Avg), 6 TD – (2009 w/ PIT) – 16 games, 1248 yards on 79 receptions (15.8 Avg), 5 TD
  • Braylon Edwards (New York Jets) – WR – 16 games, 904 yards on 53 receptions (17.1 Avg), 7 TD
  • James Jones (Green Bay Packers) – WR – 16 games, 679 yards on 50 receptions (13.6 Avg), 5 TD
  • Steve Breaston (Arizona Cardinals) – WR – 13 games, 718 yards on 47 receptions (15.3 Avg), 1 TD
  • Kevin Boss (New York Giants) – TE - 15 games, 531 yards on 35 receptions (15.2 Avg), 5 TD
  • Zach Miller (Oakland Raiders) – TE – 15 games, 216 yards on 20 receptions (10.8 Avg), 1 TD [Fun Fact: Miller is from Wahoo, Nebraska, which is an awesome name for a city]

The key in this list is with the New York Jets. You’ll notice that both Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards are scheduled to be free agents. The word is that it is very unlikely that they’ll be able to resign both of them. These men had relatively good seasons this year as they were part of the offense that took the Jets to the AFC championship game. Both men have negatives, specifically legal problems, against them. Edwards was arrested in September for a drunk driving incident and Holmes, you might remember, was suspended earlier this season for substance abuse. No matter the negatives, either man is sure to bring talent to what ever team they head to.

Kevin Boss is the biggest name on the tight end market. The Western Oregon alum entered the league in 2007 and was a Pro Bowl alternate in 2008. The 27 year old just underwent arthroscopic surgery in his hip a few weeks back, so he may come at a discount on the market, if he makes it. The Giants are not expected to let Boss go without a fight, but it would be great for the city of Seattle were he to land in a Seahawk jersey.

Once again, free agency is just one route. To check out what options The Seahawks might have in the draft, take a look at our NFL Draft preview story stream.

Also, another great thank you to the fantastic for their great free agent listings.

Stay tuned for more previews as the weeks go on here at SB Nation Seattle.

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