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Marshawn Lynch Credits Career Season To Maturity

Running back Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks had a breakout year in 2011, in many respects. Lynch was the catalyst for the entire Seahawks ground game. He put up a career year in personal stats, racking up personal bests in rushing yards, touchdowns and average yards per carry. He also made himself look like a superstar in Seattle's triumphant return to Monday Night Football with his endearing Skittles touchdown routine. All of this before the season has even been put to bed.

The key to this stellar season, according to John Boyle of The Daily Herald, has to do with Lynch growing up and learning from the veterans around him.

"I feel I became a pro this year," he said. "In the studying, the taking care of my body, doing the little things that I could have gotten away with when I was younger, like not stretching, just going out there.

Lynch said watching the way Leon Washington prepares for games and takes care of his body has been a big help, as has studying the game with Robinson and Justin Forsett.

"A lot of the things I have learned, I have learned from those guys in that room," he said.

The change has been noticeable and one of the reasons the Seahawks were able to turn around their terrible start enough to briefly flirt with postseason hopes. The Seattle fans certainly appreciate the steps he has taken to improve his game and look forward to many more sparkling seasons from the beloved running back.

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