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NFL Pro Bowl Rosters 2012: Which Seahawks Were "Snubbed"?

Ok, I hate to use the word "snubbed" because there are a lot of really deserving players out there, so let's just re-phrase that to "which Seahawks weren't selected but probably could have been"? And to answer that, I'd say there are a few, most notably DE Chris Clemons, DE Red Bryant, DT Brandon Mebane, and CB Richard Sherman. Also on the list of players that probably could have been named are LT Russell Okung and WR Sidney Rice, but both players were excluded from contention due to injury.

As long as we're talking about it, I thought that C Max Unger had himself a very solid, possibly Pro Bowl caliber season. Alan Branch made strides this season and could have possibly been considered. Even rookie Doug Baldwin made a case for himself with 48 receptions for 748 yards and 4 touchdowns. Hell, I'm probably forgetting a player or two. Now, I'm a little biased and watch far greater amounts of Seahawks football than any other team so I realize that there's probably a list of players from each team that 'could have made the team'.

That said, as for Red Bryant, how on earth can you snub a guy that's done both of these things in the same season:



HOW COULD YOU NOT PICK BRYANT??!!! Ok, I feel better now. Congrats to Earl Thomas and the rest of the Seahawks alternatives for their selections.