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Seahawks - Eagles Thursday Night Game Further Proves NFL Is King

So, what happens when you pit two 4-7 teams against each other on a Thursday night, both teams injury riddled, both riding backup players, and both struggling to play consistent football? Apparently, you get a ridiculous amount of interest.

Eagles-Seahawks on NFL Network gets 5.9 million viewers. That = the same amount of viewers that watched this year's NLCS Game 6.
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The NFL is big. We all know that. But, seeing that the NFL Network, which is a cable premium channel in the first place, net 5.9 million viewers on a Thursday night for an otherwise boring matchup if you're outside Philly or Seattle, I can't help but be simply amazed. I have nothing against baseball, but when a seemingly boring Thursday night game on a premium channel between two 4-7 teams nets the same amount of viewership as the NLCS, it tells you who is King in America.