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Marshawn Lynch Receives Endorsement Offer From Skittles

What is the fuel that drives Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch to go into 'Beast Mode?" It's skittles of course. And after his ridiculous run Thursday night against the Philadelphia Eagles followed by his impromptu skittles commercial, the candy company has reportedly offered him a 2-year endorsement deal with all the fixings. 

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Per Darren Rovel on Twitter:

Skittles is offering Marshawn Lynch a 24-month free supply & a customized dispenser for his locker for last night's exposure.
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I mean, NFL players have eaten some weird things on the sideline before, but you don't see Mark Sanchez getting a Hebrew National sponsorship do you? 

Hopefully, Lynch willl get the hookup for everyone, sort of like this man here: 



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