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NFL Playoff Picture: Seahawks Help Themselves Out, Stay In The Hunt

The Seattle Seahawks knew going into Sunday's game against the Chicago Bears that they were in control of a portion of their own destiny as it pertained to their playoff hopes. They took control of the Week 15 matchup in dominating fashion and walked away with a 38-14 win.

Pair their win over the Bears with an upset loss by the New York Giants to the Washington Redskins and suddenly the Seahawks have leapfrogged both teams due to tiebreaker rules. You can see the whole playoff standings over at ESPN, but the gist is that following Week 15, Seattle is sitting a whole lot prettier than anyone might have imagined just a few weeks ago.

They're currently in seventh place overall out of six NFC playoff berths. Only the Atlanta Falcons and the Detroit Lions have better records, both at 9-6. If either or both of those teams manage to drop a couple of games in the last couple of weeks, the Seahawks may very well find themselves in the postseason.

But the Seahawks will need to keep winning games in order to stay in the thick of things. One more loss and it will all be over. Just two weeks to go, but things are beginning to get extremely interesting.

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