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NFL Playoff Picture: Seattle Seahawks Own Tiebreakers Over Chicago Bears, New York Giants

With the victory over the Chicago Bears, the Seattle Seahawks have done themselves multiple favors in the NFL playoff picture. The Seahawks are now tied with the Bears at 7-7, and by virtue of head-to-head they own their tiebreaker. The New York Giants were also shocked at home by the Washington Redskins, dropping them back to 7-7, and they too lose the tiebreaker to the Seahawks because they lost their head-to-head matchup.

Seattle is in pretty good shape to make a final run at that sixth playoff spot. The Detroit Lions need to slip up though, as they're still a game and a half ahead of them. Detroit has a formidable finish to the season though, as they're currently in a dogfight with Oakland and have to beat San Diego at home and Green Bay on the road.

Now all Seattle needs to do is win their final two games, meaning they must beat the NFC West Champion San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals, and hope the Lions lose two of their final three. A loss today in the Black Hole could go a long way to Seattle's playoff hopes.

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