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Seahawks Vs. Bears: Matt Forte Rules Himself Out This Sunday, Lovie Smith Noncommittal

Without Matt Forte or Jay Cutler, the Chicago Bears offense is left with little to work with. I know this. You know this. And undoubtedly, the Seattle Seahawks know this. Well, Matt has already ruled himself out this Sunday, though when coach Lovie Smith was asked about it Wednesday, he was much more inexplicit about his feelings about his star running back. 

Per Micheal C. Wright on Twitter

Forte sprained his MCL in the first quarter against the Kansas City Chiefs back on December 4 and has been out ever since. He surely has been a workhorse for the Bears in 2011, carrying the ball 203 times already for 997 yards and three touchdowns, and without him leaves a glaring hole in both Chicago's roster and the roster of many a fantasy owner as well.

As for the Seahawks, they will gladly take Forte wrapped up in a jacket on the sideline this Sunday than have him slashing and dashing in between them. 

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