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NFL Playoff Picture: Seattle Seahawks Keep Faint Postseason Hopes Alive

The Seattle Seahawks are somehow still alive for that final playoff spot in the NFC. They have less than one percent chance of a chance of landing that spot.

The Seahawks, now 6-7, have to catch up to at least three of these teams: The 7-6 Chicago Bears, the 7-6 Dallas Cowboys and 7-6 New York Giants, the 8-5 Atlanta Falcons, and the 8-5 Detroit Lions. One of the Cowboys or Giants have to win the NFC East. The Falcons seem to be the team in best shape with home games against Tampa Bay and Jacksonville. So the Lions and the Bears are the teams that will have to slip. With Detroit playing Oakland, San Diego and Green Bay and Chicago playing Seattle, Green Bay and Minnesota, Seattle will need some unusual defeats and slip-ups from these teams to get a wild-card spot.

Seattle must of course win their final three games. They have to beat the Bears in Chicago, San Francisco at home, and Arizona in Glendale. Ruh-roh. All of those wins aren't gimmees, and the Seahawks will have to bring their A-game to each matchup.

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