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ANIMATED: Marshawn Lynch Hates Being Tackled, Loves Skittles

The Seattle Seahawks are loving their time in the national spotlight. They're hosting the St. Louis Rams on Monday Night Football and some of the players are taking the opportunity against a week team to put on a bit of a show. Foremost among them is the always-impressive Settle running back Marshawn Lynch, who is making the home viewers well aware of his short list of likes and dislikes.

Dislikes: Being tackled; running in a straight line


The above animation is a fair representation of how difficult it is to bring down a healthy and motivated Marshawn Lynch. A handful of times on Monday night, all eleven Rams defenders ran helplessly after Lynch while he yelled out a Three Stooges-esque "WOOPWOOPWOOPWOOP" and the stadium played "Yakkety Sax" from the Benny Hill Show over the stadium PA.

Likes: Skittles; his mom


After the amazing Lynch run, the running back was greeted on the sidelines by his mother, who was clutching a big bag of Skittles. The MNF announcers were kind enough to explain to us that Lynch was given Skittles when he was younger to celebrate big runs or touchdowns.

The ESPN commentators also talked about how Lynch will often eat Skittles on the sidelines to settle his stomach, which...there's no way that can be accurate, right? I think Marshawn Lynch is the first person in history to ever convince an adult that he needs candy to fix a tummy-ache.

Maybe Marshawn Lynch is even more amazing than we thought.

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