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Seahawks Vs. Rams Score Update: Leon Washington, Doug Baldwin Spur Seattle To 20-6 Lead In Fourth Quarter

The Seattle Seahawks are hosting the St. Louis Rams for the Week 14 matchup on Monday Night Football. Although the Seattle offense hasn't been able to consistently find the end zone, they have done an excellent job of setting the pace in the game thus far. Heading into the final quarter, Seattle holds a 20-6 lead.

The Seahawks had a tough pass interference penalty called against them which resulted in a goal line standin the waning minutes of the third quarter. The Seahawks made that set of downs interesting with a stop and an assist from Rams quarterback Sam Bradford, who got called for intentional grounding on a pass to no one in the end zone. First and goal turned into a 29 yard field goal thanks to strong Seattle defense and Rams offensive miscues. That enabled the Rams to close the gap a bit to 13-6.

Tarvaris Jackson led the Seahawks on a spirited 50 yard drive following a terrific Leon Washington return on the kickoff with under 2:00 in the quarter.

Jackson hooked up with Doug Baldwin on a 29 yard touchdown pass with just 0:14 left in the quarter.

Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch has been dazzling in the game, pulling off amazing runs replete with spin moves and requiring multiple St. Louis defenders to wrestle him to the ground. Although the Seahawks offense hasn't come together quite as well as they'd hoped in this game, the Rams have been squandering the few opportunities they've had.

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