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ANIMATED: Darian Stewart Knocks His Own Block Off

The Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams are engaging in a pretty hard-hitting game on Monday Night Football. The Rams' Darian Stewart delivered a hit to Ben Obomanu in the first half that was so vicious it resembled a decapitation at first glance. Check it out after the jump.


via @cjzero

You can look at that a million times and go WHOOOOAAAA every single time. Some legit Ichabod Crane-style shenanigans going down in Seattle on Monday night.

This isn't the first vicious hit that has been delivered, as Rams quarterback Sam Bradford was knocked to the ground pretty hard in the first quarter. It at first appeared that he would be coming out of the game as a result,but wound up returning on the next possession. Both defenses are performing like they know they're on national television or something.

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