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NFL Playoff Picture: Seahawks Still Have Chance Of Making The Postseason

The NFL season is hurtling into the final few weeks of the season. Following some unexpected shake-ups in Week 14, the playoff picture is looking just a bit more murky than it did a week or two ago.

This could potentially bode well for the Seattle Seahawks. They're gearing up for their Monday Night Football matchup against the St. Louis Rams, which is a game that the Seahawks are heavily favored to win. If they come away with the victory, they'll hold a 6-7 record, which would tie them with the Arizona Cardinals and slot both teams directly behind the 7-6 Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys.

Six teams from each conference will advance to the postseason. The strategy for the Seahawks for the remainder of the season is simple: win. They have a chance to move neck-and-neck with the Bears as they travel to Chicago next Sunday. After that is a game against the 49ers that will be challenging, but not impossible. They'll finish the season facing off against the Cardinals.

It seems like a bit of a tall order at the moment and strange considering the awful start they had in 2011, but if the Seahawks win their last four games, they will hold a 9-7 record. Pair that with some losses for Dallas and Chicago, and the Seahawks could potentially luck into the playoffs even if they happen to drop their game against the 49ers.

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