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VIDEO: Golden Tate Makes Impressive Grab, Shimmies In Celebration

The Seattle Seahawks are firing on all cylinders against the Eagles on Thursday Night Football and Golden Tate just added to what has been a night of incredible plays.

With the Seahawks up 17-7 and knocking on the door once again, Tarvaris Jackson lobbed a ball to the back corner of the end zone. Despite facing double coverage, second-year wide receiver Golden Tate was able to leap, make an incredible catch and still manage to get both feet inbounds. The sellout crowd roared and Seattle is now well on their way to a big victory assuming the defense can continue to force turnovers and play well.

We have a video of the impressive catch after the jump...

Pretty impressive. It's no wonder scouts were drooling over Tate as he was working out for teams prior to the draft. And as for how he celebrated the catch?


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