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Marshawn Lynch Eats Skittles After Touchdown Run, Now Feels Sick

Marshawn Lynch is already off to a tremendous start on Thursday night football with two touchdown runs and currently has the Seahawks ahead of the Eagles by a score of 14-7. There is no denying that Lynch operates in his own, unique way and he showed America how he rewards himself after a score: Skittles.

This has been a long-time tradition for Lynch, but it may be coming to an end after tonight. After indulging in the sugary treat, he complained of stomach pains and was lightly jogging on the sidelines to stay loose. We have a GIF of the Skittles being consumed after the jump...


Hey, if you have the first half Marshawn had, I guess you can eat anything you want. It will be interesting to see whether or not the training staff allows him to eat, especially after upsetting his stomach, but it's fun to watch either way. 

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